Work Experience

Bedazzle Arts are committed to preparing and progressing young people into adulthood and part of this includes the development of a Work Pathway. We have ensured that we have staff with specialist knowledge and training in this area. Our bespoke programmes will always look to include ways in which young people (where applicable) can be involved in work opportunities, whether this is community involvement, volunteering opportunities, work experience or building links with supported internships, traineeships or apprenticeships. We are always looking at new funding opportunities to assist in this area.

A Vocational Profile will be completed with the student at an appropriate stage in their programme and this will assist in looking at the support they would require in a work setting, skills, interests and challenges. The pro le is completed by the young person with assistance or guidance as required and is owned by the students and will be used in work planning and helping potential employers to understand needs.

Job Carving – While Bedazzle is not looking to secure paid employment for our students we will ensure that any student participating in a work pathway will have the opportunity to engage in a meaningful work experience that has benefits for both students and employer. This concept is called job carving and we will provide specialist staff who are able to assist in this process.

We are members of the Cambridgeshire GET Group (Guidance, Education and Training) which enables us to share practice and knowledge with other employment support services in the area for when our students finish their programmes with us. We are Associate Members of the British Association of Supported Employment which offers regular guidance on the principles surrounding supported work and regional networks and training opportunities for organisations such as ours.