The Saturday Theatre Companies are fortunate to have a fantastic array of performance opportunities which give them the industry experience they deserve. On this course each year the groups perform in their own production in local and national theatres. We also like to provide the Theatre Co experience of performing in the after-schools variety production the opportunity to perform in our  integrated “Imagine” variety show in Cambridge which involves all our additional and special needs charity groups from Bedazzle Projects. There is also many opportunities to perform at events like Carnivals and charity events.

After-school courses and Bedazzle Little Stars perform once a year on a real stage to a live audience of family and friends. The themed variety show involves all singing and dancing from numbers created in the classroom throughout the term. The show is a real celebration on fantastic fun and a day out for the children to experience theatre life, dressing rooms, coming together with all the other schools and teachers of Bedazzle, A real fun family day out!.

Please check below for our latest productions!


Imagine – Variety Show

Bedazzles additional and special needs groups “BEDAZZLE PROJECTS” will be performing at WEST ROAD CONCERT HALL, Cambridge. showcasing their wonderful integrated performance alongside charity patron Jon Moses and BEDAZZLE PERFORMING ARTS THETARE CO. Tickets will need to be pre booked prior to the performance. Tickets are priced at £15.00  Please contact for info!