Project-B: Prepared for Work

We all recognises the value of life-long learning and Bedazzle has experienced first-hand, the power of education to transform lives. Project-B: is an initiative aimed at developing ‘soft’ skills and practical training in readiness for entering the workplace or higher education.

Bedazzle is committed to supporting access to education as their formal school/college education ends and we understand the dif culties those with assisted needs face. Recent Projects Include:

A course funded by Cambridgeshire County Council to deliver
a ten weekly sessions to a SEND school in Fenland, preparing a group of Post 16 students for entry to higher education and the workplace. This group also earned an AQA Unit Award in ‘Work Relationship Skills’.

A two-day course funded by Uttlesford District Council to deliver a ‘Well-Being’ workshop at a secondary school in Uttlesford.

Below is an example of one of our ‘Communication & Presentation Skills’ courses.

Project-B: Training

Using our expertise in expressive arts (performing, communication & visual arts), we offer work-skills sessions helping participants ease their route into work. We use role- play work scenarios and interviews as well as art & design exercises to aid communication skills and problem-solving.

Students have the opportunity to gain further quali cations related to employment. Project-B has been run in partnerships with Cambridgeshire County Council, Harlow College and at some specialist schools, as part of the curriculum.

Project-B: Work Experiences

We are continuing to develop three areas of ‘real-world’ employment initiatives and students on our Bespoke Education programme are encouraged to participate, ASDAN and AQA Unit Award accreditation is part of the initiative. We have three initiatives:

Catering & Hospitality: Cooking, serving and event management. Students are taken through the catering set-up to expand their talents and abilities and participate in catering for pop-up events and ongoing food delivery. If you are an organisation interested in working with us to host a pop-up event or have edible treats delivered on a Wednesday please CONTACT US

Design Office: Students are placed in our design of ce and given real-world projects, receiving tuition in publishing and of ce programs.

Performing Arts: Since day one of Bedazzle’s founding with its rst stage school, work experience has been an intrinsic part of our students’ progression. This has now expanded to include audio-visual work, set-building, costumes and prop-making as well as scriptwriting and assisting on-stage.