Project-B: Future Ready

We all recognises the value of life-long learning and Bedazzle has experienced first-hand, the power of education to transform lives. Project-B: Future Ready is an initiative aimed at developing work-based and ‘soft’ skills in readiness for entering the workplace or higher education.

Bedazzle is committed to supporting access to education after formal school/college education ends. We understand the lack of supported services helping those with learning disabilities the skills and preparation for entering the labour market. Using our expertise in expressive arts (performing, communication & visual arts), we offer work-skills sessions helping participants by easing their route into work. We use the medium of drama to role-play work scenarios and interviews as well as art & design exercises to aid communication skills and problem-solving.

Students have the opportunity to gain AQA Entry Level Qualifications related to employment. Previous Courses have been run in partnerships with Cambridgeshire County Council, Harlow College and as part of the curriculum in schools. To find out more, please contact us.