Education Packages

Over a number of years Bedazzle has been commissioned by Local Authorities to develop bespoke educational solutions for individuals and small groups who have been unable to access traditional routes into education. The format is truly bespoke taking into account each individuals’ needs, skills, interest, preferred ways of learning and challenges they may have. Those participating have often struggled within a school environment and the key to our success is the flexibility of Bedazzle to work in collaboration with the whole family.

Bedazzle staff assesses individuals prior to making the offer of a package and work closely to get to know them and their families. The teaching and support staff are closely matched according to the prospective student’s skills and expertise. Independence and Life Skills flow naturally through every bespoke package following the Government’s ‘Transforming Lives’ agenda and key outcomes on ‘Preparing for Adulthood’. Where appropriate Work Experience and /or Community inclusion is part of the programmes.

All students have the opportunity to work towards formal accreditation at appropriate levels. Typically our students work on ASDAN qualifications, AQA Units & Project Awards, LAMDA exams and Arts Award. To date all students who have taken examinations with Bedazzle have passed. Most students taking LAMDA exams have earned ‘Merits’ and top ‘Distinctions’.