Bedazzle inclusive Theatre

A new Bedazzle initiative to bring together performers with and without learning disabilities. At BiT, we supportively guide performers through the process of creating inclusive theatre drawing on our combined expertise in the Performing Arts and Inclusive Education. Inclusive Theatre has the potential to transform lives, ‘bit by BiT’, by working in an environment underpinned by values of social justice, equal opportunity and freedom of expression. Working alongside the talents and abilities of our diverse performers, we will create ground-breaking, artistically-driven, high-quality pieces of original, contemporary and issue-based theatre.

Life-long learning has been mandated by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG – UN, 2015). Bedazzle recognises the value in life-long learning and has experienced, first-hand, the power of education to transform lives. BiT offers life-long learning and aims to produce theatre with impact, where those with and without learning disabilities have the chance to grow their skills together. To find out more, please contact us.

Two New inclusive
Theatre Companies
are launched!

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