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Bedazzle Expressive Arts

As Bedazzle expanded beyond theatre and music, it has come to embrace all aspects of expression including audio-visual, fine arts, design and communication. Furthermore, Bedazzle has a unique approach and uses expressive arts as a basis for teaching almost any subject group in literacy, numeracy, humanities and science.

Bedazzle is an exam centre for LAMDA (London Academy of Music & Dramatic Arts), ARTS AWARD (Trinity College London), AQA UNIT AWARDS. We have a 100% pass record, (almost all at ‘Merit’ and top ‘Distinction’ levels) for all the students who have been entered for exams.

Bedazzle Projects is our registered charity which supports individuals and groups, in particular, SEN-D students. We have theatre arts courses in Cambridge, Huntingdon, Chelmsford, Harlow & Wisbech. The charity also supports our inclusive initiatives including our annual ‘Imagine…’ variety show, Residential Weekend Workshops, Pop Schools, and Project-B (preparing students for the workplace and higher education). To find out more, please contact us.